Argyle Diamonds

Pink and Red Diamonds

Before Argyle, most pink diamonds were a pastel shade worthy of passing interest, but not lasting passion. This all changed when the first Argyle Pink diamonds were released in 1985. Australia’s Argyle mine in the north of WA produces almost all of the world’s red and pink diamonds. Although it is the worlds largest diamond mine, most of its diamonds are champagne and cognac inĀ colour. Around 0.1% are pink.

Scientists still do not fully understand the cause of the pink colour. Usually colour is caused by impurities, but Argyle diamonds are very pure. They are found in a rock called Lamproite that appears to have had a particularly violent journey through the earth’s crust. All other diamondsĀ are transported to the earth’s surface in a rock called Kimberlite. This unique host rock means it is unlikely another mine like Argyle will ever be found. So when Argyle dries up, its goodbye to pink diamonds!