CAD Designing and Milling


Always at the forefront of jewellery developments, Lingham’s Jewellers is now also using the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) equipment. Lingham’s Jewellers, not only master traditional handmade jewellers, were one of the first businesses in Melbourne to purchase this technology.
Our customers will benefit from this addition to the workshop – the Matrix 3D CAD software, for jewellery design, and the Revo 540c mill.

Matrix is one of the most powerful programs in the jewellery trade and gives us the versatility to make jewellery that can’t be traditionally made by hand. The main advantage is that a piece can be previewed and altered before it is made, saving time, effort and materials that would be used creating models that might not have been used.

Once the customer is satisfied with the design, a wax model can be milled with the utmost precision using the Revo 540c mill. We end up with the highest quality product for casting.