Remake, Remodel and Restore


Do you have a treasured antique item that is too worn out to wear? Using the old jewellery and photographs, we can create an identical, brand-new piece. These old rings were too old and fragile to wear:

Remake Before.1Remake Before.2Remake Before.3




but we made replicas using the best materials:

Remake After.1  Remake After.2Remake After.3


Want to use your old jewellery or stones to create a new custom design? We can create a beautiful new piece of custom jewellery to your specifications and drawings.


This piece was created using the stones of a customer’s unwanted rings.


Sometimes parts of a piece are stronger than others. If some parts of your jewellery can be saved, we will cut away the damaged or worn parts and build a new, identical piece around the sound areas:

 Rebuild Before.5Rebuild Before.4Rebuild Before.2Rebuild Before.1 




The finished product:

Rebuild After.2 Rebuild After.1